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Troubleshooting common issues

1 / The water is murky

Ensure the filter is clean. The filter should be cleaned every 1-2 weeks depending on usage and the filter should be changed every 3 months. Change the water if it has become too dirty.

2 / My tub wont get to temperature set

Turn the appliance off for 2 minutes and turn it back on, it will reset to 37° degrees F. Are both vents free of obstacles and walls, they require at least 20cm of space, ideally 30cm. Make sure that the green light next to refrigeration is on Solid. If there is no light, press the stop button to make the refrigeration unit turn on. Check is the compressor running, can you hear a fan, if not then please call us.

3 / There is a bad smell coming from the tub

If the water looks clean and clear there should be no adverse smells. Run a clean cycle several times. If the water looks murky, drain and change it.

4 / The temperature is different from what my thermometer is showing

The internal temperature probe is calibrated to within 0.3º +/- There could be an issue with the temperature sensor or PCB board. Please contact Arctic Plunge Cold Tubs directly via email –

5 / My Arctic Plunge Cold Tub will not switch on

Ensure there is power to the plug socket you are trying to use. Check the fuse in the plug has not blown. Also, check the breaker inside of the control box inside the unit.

6 / How do I drain my tub?

To drain your Arctic Plunge Cold Tub, please locate the rubber cap on the removable panel on the bottom right-hand corner. Please remove the rubber cap and attach your hose pipe connection (you will receive this with your Arctic Plunge Cold Tub). When you remove the wooden hatch, you will see a small red valve at the bottom, turn 90° degrees to open it so the water may come out. Please remember to make sure your Arctic Plunge Cold Tub is turned off. To fill, simply place your hose in the Arctic Plunge Cold Tub and leave until it has covered the vents. This time to fill will vary depending on your water pressure.

7 / How do I remove the airlocks?

On top of your filter/pump, you will have either a brass fitting or a grey hexagon-shaped cap. If you have a brass fitting with a small cap on, please unscrew the cap a little to release any air in the pump. If your Arctic Plunge Cold Tub has a grey hexagon shape cap, please loosen this a little to release the air until the water slowly comes out.

8 / What is the orange light on the RCD box?

If the orange light stays on for a short while and does not turn green, it may be that there is an air lock in the system or it could be the water flow sensor. This is a small black plastic sensor fastened into a brass mount. Please loosen the screw which is holding it in place and move it very gently until the green light comes on. Then tighten the screw back up.

9 / I think the fuse may have tripped

Please unplug your Arctic Plunge Cold Tub and check the fuse in the plug socket. On the RCD box in the Arctic Plunge Cold Tub, there are two plugs which are labeled pump and compressor. Please unplug the compressor by unscrewing it first, then unplug it and turn your Arctic Plunge Cold Tub on. If it stays on with just the pump running your compressor will need changing please call the After Sales team at 1-833-4PLUNGE and we will be happy to assist you.


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