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About the Arctic Plunge

arctic plunge cold tub

The Arctic Plunge cold tub is a revolution in cold plunge technology. Setup is a simple four-step process that takes less than an hour. Maintenance is also simple, and a care manual walks you through everything you need to know about your new Arctic Plunge ice bath.

Maintaining your ice tub keeps it clean and hygienic, while also protecting it from damage. If you want to keep it clean, you should combine both prevention and treatment to protect it.

Filter Change

The filter should be replaced every three months

Filter Clean
Clean the filter once a month

Cleaning the Ice tub

We recommend cleaning the ice tub with soapy water or hot tub surface cleaner. We do not recommend household cleaning products

arctic plunge cold tub

Setup and Installation

Step 1:


To fill the ice tub, simply put a garden hose into it. The tub will be completely filled in approximately 45 minutes

arctic plunge cold tub

Artctic Plunge Specifications


As low as 37 degrees

arctic plunge cold tub

Power Supply

15Amp, 110V


Stainless steel 304



1 - Width: 29"

2 - Length: 71"

3 - Height: 30"

4 - Tub Length: 47"

Water Capacity

79 Gallons


Hose pipe connection

Antifreeze Function

Prevents the formation of

ice or frost

Ozone + FIltration

Built-in ozone and filter

system for clear water

Dry Weight


arctic plunge cold tub

Cover Included

Insulated for reduced
running costs

Installation and Setup

Setup is fast and simple, requires no plumbing skills or special tools. Find out more about how quickly you can have your new Arctic Plunge up and running.

arctic plunge cold tub

Order Your Arctic Plunge Today!

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